Ep. 1 - Kyle Monroe
Ep. 2 - Cold Eskimo
Ep. 3 - Wife & Son
Ep. 4 - Fox & Mariner
Ep. 5 - Brolly
Ep. 6 - Buckeye Knoll
The Apathy Tree Sessions is a series of live studio performances. Sessions take place
in Sacramento, CA at The Apathy Tree Studios. If you have a band suggestion or
youre in a band traveling through Sacramento and want to book a session.
Email us through our contact page.

Episode 2:
Artist: Cold Eskimo
Song: "Don't Forget What You Want"
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Cold Eskimo/The Apathy Tree Sessions

Episode 1:
Artist: Kyle Monroe
Song: "Im Loosing Myself (cover)"
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Kyle Monroe/The Apathy Tree Sessions

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